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Here�s a SHOCKING Fact You Probably Didn�t Know:
Around 65% of ALL Parking Tickets Are INVALID -
And Can Be Overturned with One Simple

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February 2019

Dear Friend __

How would YOU like to CANCEL absolutely EVERY car parking ticket you get?

Just peel it off your car window.

And know for certain that you can get it CANCELLED – just by sending off a simple letter.

Well, YOU CAN – and it’s EASY.

Most people don’t realize that an estimated 65% of all parking tickets issued are actually invalid. All you have to do is point out the error, and the ticket is immediately cancelled.

That’s not all.

Even if your parking ticket actually is valid, there are still THOUSANDS of loopholes you can use to get it overturned in just seconds.

The whole system is FLAWED.

And it’s time that YOU took advantage.

Are you ready to BEAT the SYSTEM?


"I wrote the letter you suggested to my local council, and changed a couple of words just in case. Within three days I had a reply saying that my ticket had been cancelled. There was even an apology! You saved me �65 so far. And, I probably shouldn't, but maybe I'll park there again next week...!"

-- (Name withheld on request) living in Rusholme, Manchester, M14 4FZ

Discover the LATEST Stealth Tax to Hit Motorists!
Last Year, 14% of Britain Received Parking Tickets -
Now Learn How to Beat the System, GUARANTEED!

The Government won’t admit it.

But parking tickets are the latest STEALTH TAX to hit hard-pressed British motorists.

Last year alone, over EIGHT MILLION parking tickets were served to unsuspecting drivers. That’s a staggering 14% of the whole population!

Parking tickets earn the Government a SHOCKING £1.2 BILLION every year.

Last year, Westminster City Council alone raked in £65 million from tickets.

Any why?

Because 32 million frustrated drivers are busy chasing the 2 million parking spaces in our overcrowded towns and cities.

The “rules” determining where you should and shouldn’t park are both random and rampant. And attendants are now being sacked for not issuing enough tickets.

They’re out to CATCH you.

Of course, there are some important rules. Such as ensuring emergency vehicles can pass at all times.

But some councils are EXTREME. Such as:


The driver from WEST EALING whose car was moved so that contractors could paint yellow lines – who then got an £80 parking ticket in the spot where the contractors had moved the car.

The CROYDON driver who got a parking ticket while walking for 21 seconds to pay at a machine.

The WAR VETERANS who got parking tickets while attending a Remembrance Day parade.


The man playing FATHER CHRISTMAS at a Birmingham children's hospital's Christmas party who was hit with a £60 ticket because all the legitimate parking spaces were taken by police cars.


The BURY motorist who had his parking fine quashed and was awarded £156 in costs after car park operators NCP were found to have faked photographic evidence against him.


It’s getting crazy.

You need to know how to BEAT the SYSTEM – before it beats you.

"All of the parking spaces outside my local stores were recently full, so I decided to park just onto the main street. Ten minutes later and I'd received a parking ticket! I was about to go mad, when I decided to look online and found your site. I sent off your second letter and had the whole thing cancelled in a couple of days. You're a genius. You saved me a fortune from Essex council! Hehe!"

-- J. Sheff, Duton Hill, Essex, CM6 2EA

EVER Paid a Car Parking Fine? Then READ THIS!
I Bet You Could�ve Sent a Simple Copy-and-Paste
Letter And Had the Council
CANCEL Your �120 Fine!

How do all of these FACTS make you FEEL?

ANNOYED at the greedy local councils?  FRUSTRATED at the “shamble” of a car parking system we use here in the UK?

And how about the next time you walk back to your car – to find an evil yellow and black sticker – and a £120 fine attached? How will you feel THEN?

Remember, £120 is now practically the minimum. Car parking fines are going up DAILY.

So... Let me ask.

Do you want to FIGHT BACK?

Well, here's something that MIGHT just SURPRISE YOU!

Less than 1 in 1000 people even BOTHER to appeal their parking tickets.... !!

But of those that do, over TWO-THIRDS are completely successful! (And with the nifty loopholes we’ll show you, that average can be raised to near 100%!)

Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, an estimated 65% of ALL parking tickets are actually issued incorrectly.

In other words, if you’ve EVER actually PAID a parking ticket – you were just THROWING AWAY your HARD-EARNED CASH!

I’m willing to bet that you could’ve just sent a simple copy-and-paste letter instead – and spent the money on a luxury night on the town!


You’ll discover ALL of the secrets to quashing EVERY car parking ticket you ever receive – inside our brand new guide, “Beat Your Parking Ticket.”

Want to learn more?


"This is not a question, just writing to say thanks. I used one of your appeal systems to reject a parking ticket that was given to me. To be fair, I was in the wrong, but �55 for a few minutes is way too much. They cancelled it as soon as they received it. I would've been happy to pay them �30... But instead I paid you �15 and got off with the rest! Love it, man."

-- "Khalid" living in Twerton, Bath, BA2 1SD

Are YOU Ready to Beat the Parking Ticket System?
Take a SNEAK PEAK Inside "Beat Your Parking Ticket"
INCLUDES: February 2019 Changes to Parking Law!

Beat Your Parking TicketAre YOU ready to beat the PARKING TICKET SYSTEM?

“Beat Your Parking Ticket” contains absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to CRUSH ANY parking ticket – all in just a FEW MINUTES.

It�s written by motoring law expert, Dan Strauss – the man behind, the best-selling UK Driving Secrets guide, Beat Wheel Clamps, PhotoBlocker UK and more.

Dan is the Robin Hood of British motorists. He knows ALL of the tricks that nobody else DARES to publish.

And inside “Beat Your Parking Ticket,” he unveils EVERYTHING.

As you work your way through the guide, you'll uncover:

The MOST POWERFUL METHODS of getting your ticket overturned QUICKLY - Discover the sharpest, most up-to-date loopholes around - and how to use them to your advantage!
How to APPEAL in just FIVE MINUTES - No long forms to fill out! Instantly increase the chances of getting your ticket overturned by a MASSIVE 65%. Just copy our templates & send!
The BEST POSSIBLE DEFENCE for your unique situation - Simply follow our step-by-step advice to figure out the best appeal defence for you. It's QUICK and it's EASY!
The LATEST FEBRUARY 2019 changes to driving law - Discover exactly what has just changed in parking law, and precisely how to use it to get your ticket cancelled!

You’ll also discover the black and white RULES of parking tickets.

You’ll learn to know EXACTLY when they’re officially valid – and when they’re not. One tiny discrepancy, and you’ll get the ticket cancelled. For example, you’ll discover:


One thing you should ALWAYS look around for when you get a parking ticket – this little trick can make the ticket unenforceable! (p. 23)

The EXACT RULES about parking on yellow lines, and the little-known 'loopholes' that will surprise you - and may get your ticket cancelled. (p. 19)

The UNUSUAL DEFENCE used by thousands of motorists in Marlow, Bucks, to get their tickets overturned. Here's a clue: It works best in autumn and winter, but it's not what you might think! (p. 22)


A GREAT DEFENCE you can use if you're ticketed in a pay-and-display car park. OK, this is a bit sneaky, but then so are the tactics of the councils and their enforcers! (p. 32)

How to challenge a ticket issued for OVERSTAYING at a PARKING METER – with a little help from the oh-so-useful Freedom of Information Act! (p. 38)

The LITTLE-KNOWN March 2008 change in the law - It applies to parking attendants, and EVERY motorist needs to be aware of it. Don't parking ANYWHERE until you read this! (p.10)


And how about the validity of the actual ticket itself?

There are VERY STRICT RULES about the information any parking ticket must include. And yet the MAJORITY of local councils are still issuing invalid tickets.

Inside the guide, you’ll discover:


A COMPLETE CHECKLIST of items that MUST be set out on the ticket. If any of these are missing, the ticket is INVALID and CANNOT be enforced! (p.27)

The TINY MISTAKE made by Barnet Council which meant that ALL the tickets it had issued had to be cancelled (p. 28)

HOW TO CHECK whether the contravention code on your ticket is correct – if not, your ticket will be unenforceable. And, naturally, we provide a complete list of contravention codes for you! (p. 27 and p. 55-62)


How to check whether the council is following its OWN PARKING RULES. Many of them aren't, and when you discover this, you can blow them out of the water! (p. 30)


Another SURPRISING FACT concerning the attendant himself, which can result in ANY ticket they issue being invalid! (p.29)

Think you know the system by now? Well, HERE'S MORE!

Inside the guide, you'll find DOZENS of random legal loopholes and nifty little tricks. Including:

The single thing you MUST NOT DO if you wish to contest a parking ticket! – do this, and all is lost. (p.14)
Why it's VITAL to get your first appeal letter in as soon as possible � especially if you want to appeal on compassionate grounds (p. 12)
What to do if you receive an EXN or SCN � we explain what these are, and FOUR different ways you can appeal them! (p. 71)
The one small item you MUST carry in your vehicle with you at all times – it could be crucial to getting that parking ticket overturned! (p. 14)
The SECRETS behind a "Notice to Owner" form – and the mistake regularly made by councils that render it INVALID. (p.15)

And that's by no means all...

We’ve also thought of EVERY SITUATION you might encounter with your parking ticket – and provide guidance on EXACTLY how to deal with each case, to get your parking ticket overturned!

For example:


WHAT HAPPENS if you receive a Notice to Owner for a parking ticket you did not know had been issued? You have two choices here - we show you which is best! (p. 40)

Whether you can CLAIM EXPENSES against the council if your appeal is upheld by the independent adjudicators. The answer may surprise you! (p. 41)

How to EXTEND the period of time you are allowed to pay at the discounted rate – and the single case in which this concession does NOT apply. (p. 14)


EIGHT KEY TIPS to avoiding tickets in future. And no, these aren’t the obvious ones! (p. 44)


And much, much more!


So, would YOU like to discover these secrets?

Read on!


"I never knew there were so many loopholes. Who would've guessed that ALL of these things must be followed in order for a ticket to even be valid?? I'm surprised the national press have never picked up on this. Thank you for exposing the truth!"

-- Dave Roberts, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6LZ

PLUS: Claim Your Parking Ticket Action Plan AND
Our Collection of Ready-to-Use Model Letters!
Beating Your Ticket Just DOESN�T Get Any EASIER!

Are YOU ready to CRUSH every parking ticket you receive in future?

Well – We’ve made it EVEN EASIER.

To help get your ticket cancelled in the QUICKEST possible time, we’ve created two fantastic resources to help streamline the whole process:


Your Parking Ticket ACTION PLAN! – Here’s EXACTLY what you need to do, from the moment you get the ticket. Follow this step-by-step guide – and you’ll have the best possible chance of getting your ticket cancelled! NEVER been seen before!


Your Ready-to-Use MODEL LETTERS! -  It literally CANNOT get any easier than this! Simply browse through our extensive collection of model letters. Find the letter that best fits your situation, copy it to your word processor, type in your name and address, then send it off to your local council. Easy, easy, EASY!!


We’ll show how you can APPEAL absolutely EVERY parking ticket you receive – in just minutes - giving you an immediate 65% chance of winning.

And with the nifty little loopholes we’ll share, you’ll discover how to take that up to a near 100% success rate.

There’s no doubt about it: You’ll WISH you knew about these tricks earlier!

So, are YOU ready to stop meekly accept every parking ticket that’s slapped onto your windscreen?

Are you ready to start FIGHTING the charges – and keeping your hard-earned CASH?

Then grab YOUR copy of “Beat Your Parking Ticket” – TODAY!

Click HERE to Beat Your Parking Ticket!
Cost: �14.95. VAT will be added at 15%.
Download links sent instantly. Distributed in PDF format.

"I love your model letters. I have used two of them so far, and escaped four different tickets. It's probably bad, but I have ended up parking worse as a result. Now I know how easy it is, I am a little too thoughtless in where I park. Getting off is easy. Please pass my thanks on to Trent Steele and Daniel Strauss for developing this."

-- T. Davies, living in Griston, IP25 6QA

Download TODAY � At Our Cheapest Price EVER!
Try Out Our Loopholes for THREE WHOLE MONTHS
- If You Aren't Thrilled, We'll Refund EVERY PENNY!

So, how much will it cost to get your hands on these parking ticket SECRETS?

Well, imagine this guide saved you from just ONE measly parking ticket. That would be an extra £120 straight into your back pocket – and a fair price to pay for this awesome guide.

But we’re not charging that.

We’re not even charging HALF of that - £60.

For TODAY ONLY, you can purchase YOUR copy of “Beat Your Parking Ticket” for a shockingly LOW £30 -


That’s the lowest price we’ve EVER offered the “Beat Your Parking Ticket” guide – alongside our action plan and model letter resources.

And you STILL won�t have to risk a single PENNY of your money...


Because every single copy comes with it’s own 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE...


Try out the secrets inside this guide
for a whole three months,


If the guide doesn’t help you to successfully appeal at least ONE ticket during that time, or if you’re not thrilled in any way, just return it after that period and we’ll refund every penny you paid.


(You must let us know about all refunds within four months.)

So, are you ready to GET STARTED – absolutely RISK-FREE and 100% GUARANTEED?

Just click on the button:

Click HERE to Beat Your Parking Ticket!
Cost: �14.95. VAT will be added at 15%.
Download links sent instantly. Distributed in PDF format.

"Please add this to your testimonials list. I just want to say that this is one of the best online purchases I've ever made. You've saved my family in total around �350 so far, due to our extortionate local parking fines. I'm known locally now and easily rattle off another letter when someone gets into trouble. Thank you very much."

-- (name withheld on request) living in Burghclere, Newbury, RG20 9LR

BONUS: Claim Your Three FREE Driving Guides!
Learn How to Beat Wheel Clampers At Their Game,
How to Appeal Against Bus Lane Fines � & MORE!

The British motoring system is a mess. And it’s not just parking tickets.

You need to know how to PROTECT yourself.

How can you BEAT the crazed wheel clampers at their own game?

How can you STOP the council fining you up to £120 just for straying into a bus lane?

How can claim FREE and easy parking, with your own totally legal Blue Badge?

As a special thank you to customers that order “Beat Your Parking Ticket” BEFORE midnight, Monday, February 18th 2019, we’re giving away THREE bonus reports to our loyal readers!

Order before midnight tonight, and you’ll also receive:

Bonus Report 1


Getting a ticket is bad enough, but being clamped or having your vehicle removed is even worse. This bonus report reveals the rules the clampers MUST abide by – and sets out defences you can use to get your clamping fee returned if the worst ever comes to the worst. The little-known info in this report could literally save you HUNDREDS OF POUNDS!

Bonus Report 1


Councils are increasingly using static and video cameras to record bus lane contraventions. Then they send out penalty charge notices for up to £120 – another very handy little earner! They have to stay within the law, however, and this report reveals a range of strong defences you can use to challenge bus lane PCNs and get them cancelled. Again, if you use the advice in this report successfully just ONCE, it will cover the cost of this guide many times over.

Bonus Report 1


Blue Badge (BB) holders get a wide range of exemptions to the normal parking regulations, including the ability to park for up to three hours on a yellow line. BBs are normally reserved for disabled people, but this report reveals four grounds on which you may be able to obtain a BB even if you don't consider yourself disabled. And even if none of these apply to you, it also reveals one situation in which anyone can use a BB with impunity!


... And these are all YOURS, absolutely FREE of charge, when you decide to purchase “Beat Your Parking Ticket” – TODAY!

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"Got off 6 parking tickets so far. I'm incredibly pleased. I've only ever bought from Amazon before, never found any good information out there except for this. Rules! Please don't use my name if you print this on your site."

-- (name withheld on request) living in Crosby, Liverpool, L24 0QZ

NOW is THE TIME to Beat Your Parking Ticket!
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There’s NEVER been a better time to grab your copy of “Beat Your Parking Ticket!”


Some of the advice in the guide only works BEFORE you get the ticket – or AT THE SCENE itself.

And with 14% of the population getting a ticket last year, it’s highly likely YOU’LL be one of the Government’s next victims.

So, order TODAY and you’ll receive...

The FULL Beat Wheel system

Your FULL, UNCUT copy of “Beat Your Parking Ticket!” – 50+ pages of solid loopholes and nifty tricks for beating your parking ticket, quickly!

BONUS INFORMATION - Claiming Compensation from Clampers

Your Parking Ticket ACTION PLAN – Step-by-step guide to exactly what to do once you’ve received a ticket, to help ensure you get it cancelled!

BONUS INFORMATION - How to Remove Wheel Clamps Yourself

Your Ready-to-Use MODEL LETTER LIBRARY! – Just find the letter that best suits your situation, edit the address and send to your council. Ticket cancelled!


Your THREE Bonus Guides – Covering how to beat wheel clampers, how to escape bus lane fines, and how to get your own legal Blue Badge!


100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Try out our guide for a whole three months. If you aren’t thrilled, just return for a full refund. No questions asked!


FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT – Got problems, or further questions? Just let us know and our 24/7 support team will do our best to help you.


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"Just to let you know, I challenged Nottingham City Council, sent in an appeal, they rejected it, so I appealed for an independent tribunal. They did not continue with the hearing - and they have refunded my �140.00 and had to pay costs of �70.00. I won, not for the reason I had gone to the tribunal with, but a remark I made about {our secret technique here}. Purchasing 'Beat Your Parking Ticket' was worth every penny. Thank you!"

-- Ann Collington, ann.collington AT



Slapping a bright yellow-and-black fine onto your windscreen... in just a few days from now.

He stands back and looks smug.

Yes - He’s met his target for the day.

Then imagine returning to your car, and having your heart pound for a moment.

And then you remember that you’re covered. You bought the “Beat Your Parking Ticket” guide – and you know exactly how to handle the ticket.

You tear it off, throw it onto the passenger seat, and drive off – smiling.

Because you KNOW you can beat the fine – just by following a FEW SIMPLE STEPS.

It’s EASY.

And it WORKS.

That’s the power of “Beat Your Parking Ticket.”

Find out how to beat the system, before it’s too late.

Click HERE to grab your copy, and protect yourself for the future:

Beat Your Parking Ticket!
Click HERE to Beat Your Parking Ticket!

Cost: �14.95. VAT will be added at 15%.
Download links sent instantly. Distributed in PDF format.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this letter.

Best wishes,

Trent Steele
Trent Steele, Site Manager
Beat Your Parking
Part of the WCCL Network


PS. This guide is BRAND NEW, with full coverage of all of the very latest February 2019 changes to the driving laws! Don’t be fooled by cheap reprints of public domain information. You pay for what you get. And this is the best value, high-quality guide to beating your parking ticket AVAILABLE! Click HERE to grab your copy!

PPS. You can ONLY buy “Beat Your Parking Ticket” from this site! It’s EXCLUSIVELY available at – and is not for sale in stores (let’s be honest: it’d go out of date too
quickly!). And we do NOT retail on eBay. Don’t fall for cheap imitations. Click HERE to buy your copy!

PPPS. Remember, we’ve NEVER offered the full “Beat Your Parking Ticket” guide at this LOW, LOW PRICE! Plus, when you order before midnight, you’ll also claim your three free bonus guides. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Click HERE to claim the entire package, for JUST £14.95!


"Please pass this on to your team, because this isn't a question but just feedback. I bought this kit not really knowing what to expect, but it contained everything and more. I never realised there were just so many different loopholes. My wife and I have had two parking tickets so far this year, and very quickly found out how to appeal each of them using the action plan part. It just took a very quick letter and each one was cancelled straight away. We saved �160 so far, for a �15 investment. Doesn't get any better than that. Thank you!"

-- "Kelly" living in Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 8LW

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